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這是我. 私だ。This is me.
Monday. 12.10.12 12:52 pm
I have often been asked, “Why did you like K-pop so much?” but I hardly ever
gave a straight answer. I usually brush it off with something along the lines of,
“the songs are catchy and the guys are good looking.” That is just the tip of the

It is not lie that I found the song catchy and the guys good looking, but there was
much more that drew me into K-pop. At first, it was just that that drew me in,
but the more and more I got into K-pop, finding a favorite group and following
them, it became much more than that. Especially with K-pop, each idol is given a
certain character that they mostly follow in public, just like a movie, but
happening in real time.

You see them work hard, laugh, cry. You see their failures and their achievements.
You wonder to yourself, hey, these kids are following their dreams and making it
big. Why can’t I dream big and work hard? And you do that. And every time you
think you are overwhelmed, you think back to these idols and their overworked
schedules, their lack of sleep, their flying all over the world, and their stamina to
last three hour concerts. And your life is so easy. You just have to go to school,
study, and work. So simple. No huge public pressure. No always being in the eyes
of the public, always judged. So simple.

So when people gave me slack about liking K-pop, judging me for simply liking
pretty faces and nice voices, they choose to see so little. Give these kids some
credit. They have trained almost all their teenaged lives to get where they are. I
definitely did not have that kind of motivation at that age. More than anything,
the culture of K-pop tells a story, a story of motivation and inspiration.

And yes, I do realize that there are much darker side of K-pop, but let us be a
little optimistic. [:

Just a heads up -- your page is a littl ehard to read because half the words are on the picture and the other half aren't.

Anyway, I'm not a big kpop fan.. Kr&b though? Yes, please. Taeyang is great.
» undisputed on 2012-12-12 11:01:23

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