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這是我. 私だ。This is me.
On Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.
Tuesday. 1.22.13 12:45 am
7:10am. A beeping alarm rouses me from my sleep. I groan and reach over and turn
off the alarm, then the one on my phone. A quick snuggle with my stuffed
animals, wishing morning hadn稚 come so fast, and I roll myself out of bed. I get
ready and dressed, and I知 off to catch the first bus to campus. 7:30am.

The second stop, and I知 off to the gym for my first agenda of the day. A white gi
on, hair pinned back and in a single braid, I知 greeted by loud, intense rap music
and the smell of bleach on freshly cleaned mats. A quick stretch, a simple clap of
the hands and a fist pound starts the slow warm-up roll. As we warm up, more
people trickle in and our practice really begins. Some days it is five minute rounds
of drilling, some days it is just working on technique, but it always ends with
some rolling.

8:50am. Off the mats I rush, to the nearest bathroom. The gi comes off, and on
comes the clothes for the rest of the day. And I知 off, for my first class of the
day, always arriving slightly out of breath and a tad late.

I知 obsessed. I知 obsessed in the way you know when really love something,
when you can稚 exactly explain why. Sure, I could simply say, 的 like the way it
teaches you how to use what you have to your advantage and how the smaller
person can win, but that would not even begin to touch the surface of why. It is
just the way I love science, the way I love to swim, the way I could love a person,

Though, perhaps it is the way it connects me to him, but it isn稚 that anymore,
that was before my obsession. He got me to start, but they池e not the reason why
I continue. Perhaps it is the way it is not just a sport of strength, but rather an
art of technique. Perhaps it is all the chill and friendly people that I have met.
Perhaps the reason is as simple as the endorphins being released during exercise.
Perhaps so many things, yet none of them, even in combination can pinpoint my
obsession. I don稚 know, but all I do know is that it makes me happy and makes
waking up an hour earlier every other day worth it.

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